Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Glenville State College Forest

The teaching forest for the Glenville State College Forest is located a short ways from campus. There are some unique problems involved in managing the forest. High rates of deer browsing, the high slopes, and sharing the roads with the gas well at the top of the forest are all challenges that have to be considered.


Rick Sypolt describes the hybrid chestnut trials. The goal is to have 15/16's American chestnuts that are blight-resistant.


Road maintenance is critical when slopes are this steep. The gas well company contributes to the cost of materials. The College keeps the road graded and maintained.



A site harvested by students.


More pictures from the Glenville State College Forest visit:

Monday, August 10, 2009

iLevel Veneer Technology Plant

A tour of Weyerhaeuser's iLevel Veneer Technology Plant in Buckhannon, WV was one of the most interesting stops on the CEFTS 2009 meeting. At this plant yellow poplar veneer is used to manufacture beams using the Microlam and Paralam processes. During the fabrication process nothing is wasted as the beams are created.

Safety was a main concern for the tour. Harry Hutchins is decked out in the full gear of hardhat with radio, vest, and safety glasses. The radios were a great way to hear information from our guides over the sound of the mill.

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Stacks of freshly peeled yellow poplar veneer

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Newly fabricated microlam beams

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Finished product ready for shipping:

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Thanks to Brian Wilson, Mark Shreve, Don Grant, and John Holstine for the excellent tour.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

CEFTS Meeting at Glenville State College

The 2009 CEFTS meeting (August 4-9) has just wrapped up. The folks at Glenville State planned an excellent meeting.

In field trips during the meeting we visited the:
  • Glenville State College University Forest
  • Weyerhaeuser iLevel Veneer Technology Plant in Buckhannon
  • Fernow Experimental Forest on the Monongehela National Forest

The following map shows the areas visited during the field trips.

View CEFTS 2009 Meeting Locations in a larger map

Many thanks to:
Roy Henderson from Appalachian Timber Services, a unit of Strata Products.
Tom Snyder for his excellent driving, Crystal Murphy for excellent arrangements, and Rick Alice Sypolt for the welcome barbecue.