Saturday, August 8, 2009

CEFTS Meeting at Glenville State College

The 2009 CEFTS meeting (August 4-9) has just wrapped up. The folks at Glenville State planned an excellent meeting.

In field trips during the meeting we visited the:
  • Glenville State College University Forest
  • Weyerhaeuser iLevel Veneer Technology Plant in Buckhannon
  • Fernow Experimental Forest on the Monongehela National Forest

The following map shows the areas visited during the field trips.

View CEFTS 2009 Meeting Locations in a larger map

Many thanks to:
Roy Henderson from Appalachian Timber Services, a unit of Strata Products.
Tom Snyder for his excellent driving, Crystal Murphy for excellent arrangements, and Rick Alice Sypolt for the welcome barbecue.

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