Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Penn College Student Honored

Pennsylvania College of Technology forestry student, Laurie A. Nau Named was named 'Student of the Month' by the Student Government Association. According to the announcement:

Nau participates in a number of Forestry Club activities, has repeatedly donated her time to American Red Cross Bloodmobiles at the Schneebeli Earth Science Center, volunteers at Penn College Open Houses, gives tours to prospective students and their families, and is in charge of the forestry bulletin boards in the School of Natural Resources Management.
"Succinctly put, Laurie makes my job easier," her faculty nominator said. "She is not only an excellent student ... but she is very conscientious and dedicated to learning. She is really an amazing person when you consider how she balances her family life with that of her student life. I would be remiss not to say that she is very involved in her community, as well."
The professor also has been impressed with Nau's desire to learn more about the environment, saying she has gone well beyond the forestry education she is acquiring at Penn College.
"She is so supportive of her classmates," the nominator added. "She's almost like a 'Mini Me' when students come to her for additional clarification. I think she would make a great teacher!"
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Congratulations, Laurie for a job well done!

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